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Microsoft’s new laptop

Image result for SurfaceJust saw on Bloomberg channel. Microsoft devices VP talked about a new laptop, designed for students. The new PC will integrate into the ecosystem. As Microsoft has abandoned (at least partially) the production of smartphones, I wonder what do they mean by that word: ecosystem ?

Image result for MicrosoftApple has an ecosystem (iPhone + iPad + MacBooks + Watch). Google has an ecosystem.(ChromeBook + software services everybody knows and loves).   Samsung has an ecosystem ( Android phones + Android TVs +watch  + 3D glasses).  Nespresso has an ecosystem, even if it more business-oriented. But Microsoft ?

Image result for HololensSurface has been a smart move, but only coupled with the mobile phones.  The XBox is a device in a different category. The Hololens is still too expensive to be mass marketed. Two years from now, the 3D glasses will be a strong competitor in the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VRAR) field, but not yet. Is the company from Redmond preparing a big surprise ?  They are not known for sudden moves, on the contrary. Every big success of the company behind Windows has been carefully planed  months and years in advance.

Image result for strategyMaybe Microsoft is reviewing its long-term corporate strategy. Future will tell us. I have great expectations from  one of the biggest software companies in the world.

The quality of the case

Today laptops fall under two big categories:

  • Plastic case
  • Metal case

The small exceptions (composite case)  are a sub-category of the plastic case.

There are advantages and drawbacks for each category.  The metal  is usually aluminum, a relatively good heat conductor leading to a better heat exhausting. The drawback: more weight, bigger price, few choices in colors and aesthetics.  The plastic is lighter, cheaper, gives more choices.  The light colored cases have a tendency to blacken over years, due to thermal  properties of the material.

Now, the big question: at equal prices, which one would you buy ? Metal or plastic ? Not easy to answer. While metal seems to be a better choice, the psychology of the buyers is different. Plastic cases are easy  to customize, do not scratch  or if they do, the traces are less visible. Besides, plastic does not conduct electricity, thus more comfortable.

Gray aluminum has been the traditional case at some companies. It is the natural color of the metal, it dissipates better the ambient light and blends well in the environment. Recently-made sleeves solve the problem of the colors, leveling up the balance between aluminum and plastic.

Metal is more resistant than plastic. The thinner the laptop, the more fragile it becomes. A solid case is required and plastic is far from a good choice. But why should the consumer struggle with this choice ? Wouldn’t it be better to have the option of the case when buying the computer. And wouldn’t it be better to be able to change the case over time?

I think laptops should be more than that. They should be a toy used to live on. And a toy is to get broken, changed, customized,  suit its owner.



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